Gun cleaning - Starting at $40.

Hate cleaning your guns? Don't know how to break them down, or just don't have the time? Drop them off. We do detail strip and clean on most handguns and long guns.

Gun Repair - $45 and hour labor cost.

Have a broken firearm? Need a scope mounted on your rifle? Call or e-mail us. We can source parts and repair most modern and out of production firearms.

Private Shooting Instruction - $55.00

Want to learn how to shoot, or be more comfortable around guns? Already know how to shoot but want to build your skills and confidence? We offer instruction in handgun, rifle, & shotgun shooting,for the beginner, novice,& personal-protection minded. Your first shooting lesson must be two hours long to ensure safety and function of firearms is complete and understood. Depending on your performance your second session may also need to be two hours long.