CCW Training

CCW Classes 8AM- 4PM- Once a month Hart's Guns hosts a CCW class at The Louisville Sportsman's Club. Cost is $70.00.

If you do not have a handgun, we can provide you a handgun and ammo for an extra $10.00, just let us know ahead of time.

All training previously conducted by Hart's Guns will now be run under our sister company Lampas Security Consulting. To sign up for a basic CCW class please follow the link to sign up on ShootingClasses.Com.

For more information regarding other training classes please visit

You will need 100 rounds of ammo, and eye and ear protection. Extra magazines, and speed loaders are highly advised. Please bring with you food, drinks, and any medication you may need for the 8 hour class. Drinks are also for sale at the club. Coffee is provided all day. PACK A LUNCH, We normally have a working lunch. Dress for the weather, and dress warm in the fall, winter and spring. Boots would be a good idea for wet and cold weather. The class shoots outdoors in the late morning and early afternoon.

Classes are held at the Louisville Sportsman's Club, NOT AT OUR SHOP LOCATION.

Directions to The Louisville Sportsmans Club
5300 Maplegrove ST.
Louisville OH 44641

From RT 62 head South on RT 44 till you come in to down town Louisville. You will see a BP GAS STATION, and GIANT EAGLE. This is RT 153/ Main street. Head East ( turn left) on 153/ Main street for 2-3 miles. Take a left hand ( north bound ) on Maplegrove ST. Drive for aprox. 1 mile till you come to a set of rail road tacks. DO NOT cross the tracks. The sign for the club and drive way back to the club house is on your right (East). Take the long driveway back to the club house LEAVE GUNS AND AMMO SECURED IN YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL TOLD OTHERWISE!!!!

From RT 62 head South on Paris Ave NE. Cross Easton ST NE. Pass Berrys Cheese. Take your next right (west bound turn) on Meese Rd. NE. Take your next left on to Maplegrove. Cross the railroad tracks and the drive way to the gun club will be on the other side of the track. Take the long drive way back to the club house. LEAVE GUNS AND AMMO SECURED IN YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL TOLD OTHERWISE!!!!

Lampas Security Consulting ( is the new sister company to Hart’s Guns LLC. Lampas Security Consulting will now be handling all training previously provided by Hart’s Guns LLC. The training and services we now provide include but are not limited to, - Private Shooting Lessons -Ohio Concealed Carry Classes -Advanced CCW Classes-Defensive Pistol Classes - Youth Rifle Training (FREE) -Bout Scouts of America Rife Merit Badge (FREE) -Boy Scouts of America Shotgun Merit Badge (FREE) -Tactical Pistol Classes -Tactical Rifle Classes -Tactical Shotgun Classes -Basic and advanced) -Personal Protection Concepts and Situational Awareness Training - Individual Response to Active Shooters -Vehicle CQB (VCQB classes are law enforcement only) Lampas Security Consulting also offers custom tailored training and and consulting packages for businesses large and small, places of worship, non profit organizations, and homeowners.